VivaDesigner - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Questions and Answers to Orders, Discounts, Buy & Rent

How can I order?

Click HERE to order the desktop version of VivaDesigner on line. You will receive a license key to unlock the software. Licenses for the Web Edition are available on request.

I don’t have a credit card. How can I pay?

You can also pay for the software with the “Wire transfer - prepayment” option. When the shop asks for your data, please choose the payment option “Wire transfer - prepayment”. We will send you the required wire transfer information with your order confirmation by e-mail after your order has been received by our system. Please do not make a payment before you have received this order confirmation. This will allow us to correctly allocate your payment to your order.

Can I pay after receipt of invoice?

As a corporate client, you can generally order using a purchase order. Unfortunately, we are unable to accept purchase orders from private customers. Choose the required product and click “Buy now”. When the shop asks for your data, scroll down and click “I prefer to order by fax”. IMPORTANT: The order will only be processed after receipt of payment.

How can I get a quote?

You can easily create a quote yourself in the order process. To do so, place the desired products in the shopping cart, proceed to checkout, enter the required data in the order form and select your preferred payment type. As usual, you can review all of the information you entered again on the confirmation page. Then, instead of completing the order using the button at the bottom of the confirmation page, click the “Save as quote only” link. We will then process the information you entered and send you an e-mail confirmation. This e-mail contains your quote details, a link to the login page of the „My Account“ area in the Customer Care Center and a PDF attachment with the non-binding quote. You can find more information HERE.

Can I buy and/or rent the software?

Yes, you can do both: Buy the software for a one-off price or rent it on a monthly basis. If no renting option is offered in our shop, the renting option is only available on request.

Are there discounted versions for owners of InDesign and QuarkXPress?

Yes, if you already possess other layout programs, you will receive a discount. Choose the type “Cross-Upgrade” (instead of “Full Version”) in the product selection. When you place your order, you just need to provide your program version and serial number.

Are there discounted versions for private users?

Yes, the “Personal Edition” is already a discounted full version. You can find an overview of the functions HERE.

Are there discounted versions for schoolchildren, students and teachers?

Yes, the “EDU Edition” is already a discounted full version. You can find an overview of the functions HERE.

Are there classroom licenses?

Yes, the Free Edition is available free of charge to all. If you require a chargeable license for your school class, we offer a classroom license for up to 25 workstations. To receive a quotation, please send us a message with our contact form.

Are there discounted versions for non-profit associations and organizations?

Yes, the “NGO/NPO Edition” is already a discounted full version. You can find an overview of the functions HERE.

Are there discounted versions for civil servants and political parties?

Yes, the “GOV Edition” is already a discounted full version. You can find an overview of the functions HERE.
Questions and Answers to Installation and License files

I have problems with the installation. Where can I get help?

Please refer to the platform specific installation instructions contained in the program package. Alternatively you can use our contact form or contact us by phone.
Tip: If you have bought a full version, please first de-install the Free Edition. The demo version doesn't need to be de-installed and may be unlocked to a full version with the license key.

How is the program personalized/licensed?

Free Edition/Demo Version
The Installers for the “Free Edition” and the “Demo Version” both contain a valid license file. You don't need to take any action here.

Full version
The full version of the current VivaDesigner is licensed with a license key that you receive by Email with your order. In exceptional cases a license file may be supplied. The full version installer already contains a temporary license. Please replace this temporary license with the license you have purchased so that you can continue to use the complete function range on a permanent basis.

I can’t open the license file.

In this case please read the installation instructions in the installer package or contact Viva.

When do I need an additional license for a second computer?

If you buy a licensed version of VivaDesigner, this license is valid for ONE Computer. To use the software on a second computer (e.g. a Notebook) you have several possibilities.
1. Free Edition You can install the Free Edition of VivaDesigner on additional computers. The Free Edition has no licensing limits. However the Free Edition has no hyphenation/spell check and no PDF Export.
2. Demo (Trial) Version If you need a full version of VivaDesigner on the second computer for just a short time, it might be a good idea to install the Demo version, which runs for a maximum of one month and after that continues to run as a Free Edition. 3. Additional license For the Commercial and Personal Editions you can buy ONE additional license for a second computer. This additional license may be purchased with your order or afterwards. The deciding factor is that the main and additional licenses are used by the SAME user. furthermore, the version numbers must be identical. If the version number that you need for the additional license is no longer sold, you must update your main license. 4. Web Edition The VivaDesigner Web Edition is of course also an excellent solution, particularly if you have several additional computers that are also used by different users. The VivaDesigner Web Edition can be used on a monthly rental basis or or within an hourly quota.
Questions and Answers to Versions/Editions

What are the differences between the Demo version, the Free Edition and other Editions?

Use the free of charge “Free Edition” if you want to test VivaDesigner, or if as a service provider you want to pass documents to your customers. The functionality of this edition is limited for licensing reasons. You can however still open documents from the other desktop or Web editions, edit, save and print them. The “Free Edition” may be used for both private and commercial purposes.
You can find further information in the Editions overview.
Questions and Answers to Platform/System requirements

Which platforms are supported?

VivaDesigner is available for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. Please click HERE to check the system requirements.

Is there a 64-Bit version?

Yes, VivaDesigner 9 is supplied as a 32-Bit and as a 64-Bit application version. When a full version is ordered, both versions will be supplied. When you download a Free Edition or a Demo version of VivaDesigner 9, only the 64-Bit version will be supplied. With all other versions (7.1, 8.0) a 32-Bit version will be supplied in all cases.
Questions and Answers to Opening and Import of documents

When I open a file where the text language is set to German I get the error warning that this language is not available?

This problem may occur in the “Free Edition” for any language, as this edition does not have any dictionaries. VivaDesigner (“Personal or Commercial Edition) supports a variety of languages and dictionaries. With the German language a user may choose between different writing variations (“German, reformed, etc.). In the standard version we supply hyphenation and spelling checkers for the language “German, reformed” from DUDEN. When you start the program for the first time after the installation, it will ask you in which text language you will work as standard/default. These settings can be changed in the preferences at any time.
Choose the menu command “Edit > Preferences” (Windows/Linux) or “VivaDesigner > Preferences” (Mac). Choose the “Text” tab and set the language to “German, reformed”.
- If you change the setting while a document is open, this setting will only take effect for new text objects in this document.
- If you change the setting when NO document is open, this setting will take effect for new text objects in all new documents.
- If you want to change the setting for existing text in a document, click in a text object and choose the command “Search & Replace” or press the shortcut keys Ctrl+F (Windows/Linux) or Command+F (Mac). Choose the option “Language” from the popup menu and the language “German”. In the “Replace” section, Choose the option “Language” from the popup menu and the language “German, reformed”. Choose the option “Document” and click “Replace All”.

When I create a new document, I see a gray surface and can’t access my document. What do I do?

If you see a gray surface after creating a new document, the document window is probably outside the working area. This can occur if the Preferences file has been rendered defective. To resolve the problem there are two possibilities:
1. Select the menu command “Tile Windows” or “Stack Windows” in the “Window” menu. The document window should now appear. If not, please use the second option.
2. Choose the menu command “Edit > Preferences” (Windows/Linux) or “VivaDesigner > Preferences” (Mac). Click the “Reset” button at the bottom left in the dialog and confirm the notice that the program will be restarted.

How do I import InDesign® documents?

With the “IDML” module, you can exchange documents between VivaDesigner and the layout program “InDesign®” on the basis of the IDML format. Select the menu command “File > Open” and choose the option “InDesign Markup (*.IDML)” in the popup menu “File Type”.
You will find further information in the manual.

How do I import Quark® documents?

With the introduction of VivaDesigner 8, we offer the optional service of a conversion from QuarkXPress documents in formats 4.0 to 9.0. Send us your QuarkXPress documents to check the quality of the conversion. We convert up to 10 documents free of charge. For each additional document we raise a minimal administration fee.
Questions and Answers on exporting

How do I export InDesign documents?

Select the command “Save As” in the File menu and choose the option “InDesign Markup (*.IDML)” in the popup menu “File Type”.
You will find further information in the manual.

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